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We are a group of girls who are very interested in helping the next generation learn and grow. That is why we created Kids Teaching Kids. Kids Teaching Kids is an online teaching platform, helping kids excel in the fields of math, language arts, science, and other fun activities such as art classes. Although we may seem young, we are in multiple honors classes, and are eager to help kids love to learn like we do. The best part about this? You get all of these benefits for free!



What we teach

Our experts teach many different activities that we ensure that your kid will love.

Math tutoring: (Pre K-5th grade)

Science tutoring: (Pre K-5th grade)

Language arts tutoring: (Pre K-5th grade)

Art level one: (Pre K-Kindergarden)

Art level two: (1st-3rd grade)

Art level three: (4th-5th grade)

Homework Help: (Pre K-5th grade)

Chinese level one

Chinese level two

Chinese level three

Is your child in a grade above 5th grade? We can still help! Email us at

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Top Reviews from Real Clients!

-My 5 year old LOVES these sessions! He looks forward to them and stays engaged the entire time. The girls do a wonderful job keeping him entertained and motivated. They are extremely patient with him and I have already seen progress! Would definitely recommend to others without question!

-We love the diverse learning content options! My daughter loved how the tutors explained things in a fun way!

-My son always loves tutoring days!!! Y'all are awesome!!!

-We love how kind and patient the tutors are. 


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